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After a long naming process with many creative inputs from our guests and our local cyclists, we have finally landed on one name that we think we can vouch for: SILVERSTONE
av: Hanne
5 min
Updated 23 June 2022

Hemsedal has been in a naming process with many creative suggestions and we have finally landed the name.


1. The Flow trail is like a race track for small, large and speed-loving cyclists! Legendary
speed and fun.
2. The path's surface is in local, crushed granite and lights up like a silver stripe through the landscape.
The stones shine in silver when you see the path from above.
3. «Solid and international name with good sound that matches one of Europe's roughest trails
in its class »

Yeay! This summer, one of Norway's longest flow trails opens - SILVERSTONE.

Flytstien er en racerbane for små, store, ferske og fartsglade syklister! Legendarisk fart og moro.
20210804 DJI 0062
Nicolay Gunner