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Feb 3rd - May 6th

Fotoutstilling «Tinderangel»
Fýri Sports Club

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Fra 3. februar kan du se salgsutstillingen «Tinderangel» hos Fýri Sports Club i Hemsedal. Utstillingsåpning er lørdag 3. desember klokken 16:00. Bildene pryder veggene i begge etasjer av Fýri Sports Club frem til 6.mai. Åpnet alle dager fra 09:00 til 19:00.

"Tinderangel" showcases magnificent mountain scenes by photographer Hans Kristian Krogh-Hanssen.

Krogh-Hanssen is one of the country's most renowned mountain photographers, with several decades behind the camera in both Norwegian and foreign mountains. He has numerous major publications and brands on his client list.

Throughout the years in the mountains, he has developed a distinctive and artistic expression from these spectacular surroundings. Photos taken amidst wild and inaccessible peaks that many of us admire from a distance but never get the opportunity to venture into.

Clean lines and natural color palettes characterize his photographs. Being in the right place at the right time and waiting for perfect conditions are his specialties.

"My goal is to showcase nature in harmony with the people who traverse it. My exhibition images capture seconds of harmony. Seconds from countless hours of planning, sweat, tears, and the joy of hiking. Very few of my images are curated into art photos, so it is with excitement and gratitude that I present some of them at Fyri Sports Club this winter," says Krogh-Hanssen.

Even though he now travels around Norway and the world on skis and with a camera, he has a special connection to Hemsedal and spends much of his free time here with family and friends.

"It feels very right for me to have an exhibition in Hemsedal. The first good powder turns I had in my life were here, and there have been many since then. Both here and elsewhere. For me, however, Hemsedal and the overall experience of being here are something completely unique," he says.

The exhibition opening is on Saturday, February 3rd, at 4:00 PM. The images adorn the walls on both floors of Fyri Sports Club until May 6th, open every day from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.


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