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Finbeck & Fia

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Fashion store located in Rampa Shopping Centre in the town center of Hemsedal. We also have a great web shop.

Finbeck & Fia startet in 1994 and sells clothing, accessories and shoes for both classic and sporty men and women. We offer well known brands in good quality. Come by our shop and see our collection for him and her. We have a vast variety of coats and jackets.

You will find us in the town center of Hemsedal, at Rampa Kjøpesenter. Visit us there or check out our web shop.

Some of the brands you will find in our shop:

  • Amundsen Sport
  • Anemone
  • Arnie Says
  • Baumont
  • Blundstone
  • Cambio
  • Cathrine Hammel
  • C.A.Y.A
  • Ella&Il
  • Five Units
  • Fusalp
  • Gant Dame/Herre
  • Goldbergh
  • Hansen & Jacob
  • HÉST
  • IBEN
  • Inuikii
  • Monel
  • MONO
  • Moon Boot
  • NN07
  • OlaJeans
  • Parajumpers
  • UBR
  • Urbancode London



Opening hours

Varies with the seasons.

Always updated opening hours at

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