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Summer in Hemsedal is an angler's paradise, with long, fast-flowing rivers and numerous mountain lakes. The rivers and lakes are crystal clear and hold wild brown trout in their prime. The fishing season starts on Friday May 28 th at 08:00 and ends Wednesday September 15th at 24:00. Update 2021: Due to low water in the rivers, fishing in the rivers, including Eikredammen and Flatsjø, close from the beginning of August 27th 2021 and for the rest of the season. Fishing in the lakes is still available until September 15th.
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Updated 26 August 2021

Update 2021: Due to low water, fishing in the rivers close from the beginning of August 27th 2021 and for the rest of the season. This includes Hemsila with Eikredammen, Grøndøla with Flatsjø and Buliåen, as well as Mørkedøla.

Fishing in the lakes is still available until September 15th.

Fishing in Hemsedal

Hemsedal has two of the best trout rivers in Norway and a very activ group of fly fishers.

In Hemsedal can you go fishing in 18 mountain waters and 4 rivers on the same licence.
Buy fishing licence online in Inatur.

See the Fishing brochure in pdf.

Joint fishing licence for Hemsedal

Hemsedal Fiskeforening (fishing association) has a common fishing permit which is valid for 4 rivers and 18 lakes.

The fishing permit can be purchased at Hemsedal Tourist Office, the Welcome Centre, Shell petrol station, campgrounds, sport shops and at Kiwi supermarket in Hemsedal.

When you buy the fishing permit you get a brochure with information about the fishing- regulations/rules and a map over the area.

For updated prices, rules and information please see Hemsedal fishing assosiate ( in norwegian).

Two of Norways best rivers for trout fishing is in Hemsedal
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Catch and release
Bilde 02 06 2019 10 39 30

Fishing in mountain lakes in Hemsedal - Hydalen, Vavatn, Tisleia, Flya and Nøre.

It's also possible to fish in Vavatn and Hydalen (North- and South Hydalen). The fish are of high quality and are typically red in color.

The lakes in Hydalen are Nord-Hydalsvatnet, Geitevatnet, Sør-Hydalsvatnet and the river that flows through the valley.
Fishing in Hydalen is a memorable experience with its natural population of trout.

Fishing permit for Slettevatn and Heimretjeden can be bought at Bjøberg Fjellstue.

Prices for separate fishing permits, Hydalen and Vavatn:

1 day4080
2 days130
3 days170
1 week200250
2 weeks310
3 weeks400

You buy fishing card to Tisleia, Flya and Nøre by sending sms or at

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Fly fishing holiday packages:

Tor Grøthe, a famous norwegian fly fisher offers holiday packages including accommodation and guiding. Check out his offers here.

Tor Grøthe also offers guided tours. Join a course with him this summer!

Fly fishing guiding:
Join Trond Hagen on a guided fishing tour. He knows the fishing areas of Hemsedal like the back of his hand and is an experienced guide.
Check out his offers here.

Fiske 24 hemsedal NEB 13


Rent a rowing boat in Hemsedal

Rowing boat at Helsingvatn and Attjern from Tor Grøthe

One day: NOK 400,-
One week: NOK 2 500,-

Booking via Phone +47 99 54 77 99/32 06 20 66

If you are planning on fishing in Helsingvatn, you can rent a row boat from Anne Ulsaker Bækken

For booking call 92 23 14 13.


  • 1 day: NOK 400
  • Per hour: NOK 80

Address to find the boat: Helsinglivegen 131, drive about 1,3 km on the road, then you find the cabin on the left hand side. Ask for Anne.

18 mountain lakes og 4 rivers are included in the same fishing license

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