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Røggjin/Roggjin - Topp20 Hemsedal

Distance: 5.7km
Duration: 3h
Height in meters: 365m


The start of Røggjin
The start of Røggjin
View from the top
View from the top
Røggjin with kids
Røggjin with kids
The path on the way up
The path on the way up
Røggjin in October
Røggjin in October
Top of Roggjin in October
Top of Roggjin in October


This hike is close to the ski resort, it is a short intermediate hike with a fantastic view from the top. You start off in the high mountain area and walk on a stone path. 

Highest altitude
Lowest altitude
Start coordinates
60.842845, 8.456218

Best season


How to get there

Drive to Hemsedal Ski resort and take the toll road to Holdeskaret. Payment is online at ,  you'll get an invoice to the address of the car, but then it will be an additional charge of 75 NOK.

Parking on your left-hand side about 6 km from toll station. You will see the signpost Røggjin. From parking, you can choose to walk along the road to the path starts or follow the path on the other side of the street. Follow the marked path up the mountain.


Parking on your left-hand side about 6 km from toll station. You pay for parking online. 


This is a hike that we recommend not to take too many detours from since the area around is pretty steep and can be slippery during rainy days. 

Bring snacks and something to drink. 


Take your time and enjoy the nature and high mountain area. This is a very quiet part of Hemsedal and you can really lower your stress levels in the mountains. 


A family-friendly red hike that takes you up on the mountain of Røggjin. From the peak of the mountain, you'll be able to see the entire ski resort and the surrounding mountain area. Towards the southeast, you will see the big dam of Flævatn and the mountains of Reineskarvet.


Follow the blue marks all the way up. You start off walking in the woods on a steep trail that later leads you past the treeline onto a rock path. This rock path will take you to the top. There are parts of the hike with rope fences on boulders so be careful not to hike in the rain as it can be very slippery. 


This is the perfect hike to take plenty of energy breaks on your way up. Keep your eyes up to the sky and see if you can get a glimpse of grouses flying off. You can also spot eagles and falcons. 


During the wintertime, this is a perfect hike for snowshoeing from the Roni ski lift in Hemsedal Ski resort.