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Dagligstugu at Skigaarden

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Daglistugu’s pizzas are a delicious blend of Italian roots, solid culinary science and exquisite, local ingredients. This is what great culinary memories are made from.

Our staff is proud of its roots and traditions, and not just the Norwegian ones. We have a first-class stone oven and kitchen staff that have studied and mastered the art of making genuine Italian pizza. To crown the tastes, pizzas are topped with local ingredients. In other words, everything has been done to ensure you enjoy fantastic pizzas with us, here in Norway’s high mountains.

Discover your favourite and join us in rustic, informal surroundings. While you enjoy yourself, by all means dream of romantic Rome or wonderful Venice. Or the fantastic powder run you just tried. In addition to our excellent pizza, there are tasty lunch courses for those who are a just a little or even more hungry.

Our chefs uses local produce, making tasty dishes from scratch with a focus on good quality. Simple, honest and and really good. Enjoy your meal!

Find us on the third floor of the main house, here it's only drop-in for lunch. Booking is available for breakfast and dinner online.
If you want to book a table for luch, check our other restaurants Storstugu and Omakase.


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