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We want everyone to be able to use the mountains in Hemsedal, and we see that more and more people go on trips. This can create some challenges, especially in relation to parking in the most "famous" places.
5 min
Updated 16 February 2023

We therefore want one to: - Park in a designated place in a way that allows as many people as possible to fit. - Be careful not to park along roads or other places that prevent plowing, commercial driving and emergency vehicles- Parking is usually tolled, either with a barrier / toll booth or electronic payment solution / vipps. The payment covers plowing and facilitation - something we skiers enjoy.

Furthermore, the usual customs and usage apply. Many of the walks go near farms, stealing with infield fences and gates. Please leave tracks at a good distance from houses and other buildings - close gates, do not step on fences. Untouched snow is fresh and a scarce commodity! Lay your tracks, both up and down, keeping in mind that more people will experience the same as you.

And finally: Remember to check the weather forecast and avalanche danger! Choose a journey according to your ability and make sure that you make conscious choices that allow you to experience what you want today as well as tomorrow. In the event of an accident, the tour group must be prepared with good skills and the right equipment.