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Mountain Cart

C94 A2456

Try Mountain Cart and get a adrenaline filled experience in an easy and fun way

A Mountain Cart is a safe, fun and speedy acitivty suitable for the whole family. A Mountain Cart is a ”grown 3wheelbike” without pedals, but with good breaks on the handels so you can controll the speed. No prior knowledge is necessary.

The Mountain Carts have different sizes. We recommend these heights for the different sizes:
S: 140-165 cm
M: 155-180 cm
L: 170-195 cm
XL: 180-210 cm

Double trip: NOK 600
The price include transport.

Mountain Carts can be prebooked online here.

We also arrange group events with a guide on request. Contact Hemsedal Active at or +47 483 86 018.