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Farm Barn: Slow down and discover simple village life

Farm Barn 1

At Huso Lodge, we offer several venues, and although each of them is different, they all have one thing in common – pure surrounding Norwegian countryside, great service, and absolute privacy.

Farm Barn 2

We dreamed about a place where people could gather during summer and autumn and be sheltered in case of strong wind or rain. This dream will come true in the old barn.

The barn can hold up to 80 people. You can look forward to a multi-purpose space with a kitchen for all kinds of gatherings. It is our happy place where people meet and enrich themselves and we hope you will have the same feelings here. Market garden, multi courses food experiences, workshops, yoga classes, workouts, celebrations, weddings. You name it. Everything can happen here. Don’t you think?

Imagine sitting behind a table made out of local wood by local craftsmen, eating food made in front of you harvested from the fields you passed on the way here. Big gates opened and you can see the whole valley

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