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Hemsedal Dyrehotell - animal hotel

Dyrehotell 2

Hemsedal Dyrehotell is a newly started animal hotel located in the city center of Hemsedal. We are located just below the mountain Totten which with its 1497 masl provides fantastic hiking opportunities, summer and winter.

Dyrehotell 3

Whether you want a day of activities in Hemsedal and your dog is left alone all day, or it is a long-awaited holiday trip that is on the list. Then we are more than happy to take care of your pet. We socialize, train, feed and enjoy the animals so that they feel good.

If you want your dog to get extra exercise when it is with us, we are happy to go for an extra long walk with it. We also offer spa and pick up.

For more information, see our website.


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