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Hemsedal Rides - Tottelia Bike Park - Green line

Distance: 0.1km
Duration: 0h
Height in meters: 1m



The green line in Tottelia Bike Park is the easiest track and is fitted for everyone.


Highest altitude
Lowest altitude
Start coordinates
60.861677, 8.53176

Best season


How to get there

Hemsedal rides is located in Hemsedal Skisenter. If you arrive with car you have to take off on rv.52 towards Hemsedal skisenter.


There are many parkingspots at SkiStar Hemsedal. Here you can also charge you electrical vehicle. See for more information.


1. All cycling takes place at your own risk

Mountain biking in nature is associated with a certain risk.


2. Act with consideration and caution

The cyclist must avoid causing damage or inconvenience to other users, the environment and wildlife. Slow down when you meet cyclists and other path users. ​


3. Adjust your speed according to the conditions

Take into account your own skills and unforeseen events. Drive calmly on the first trip and get to know the equipment and the trail. ​


4. Follow signs and markings

Familiarize yourself with the path and grading descriptions. Choose trail according to skill level. Follow the recommended direction of travel where applicable. ​


5. The cyclist has an obligation to give way

Cyclists coming from behind are responsible for avoiding collisions. Be especially careful when entering or crossing a path. ​


6. Exit the path at a stop

Never stop in tight or unclear places. If you are on foot in prepared cycle paths, you must pay particular attention. ​


7. Use safety equipment

Helmets are required, and other safety equipment is recommended. Always make sure the bike is in good condition. Check brakes, dampers and wheels. ​


8. Take care of the path

Avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Do not lock the rear wheel. Natural paths are extra vulnerable and other user groups also travel here. Show special consideration.


Take your time to take in the scenery surrounding the tracks


Tottelia's green line is the easiest trail in the trail network. This green line is a side part of the main trail, which is the circular green trail, which surrounds the entire area at Tottelia.

Tottelia is a network of interconnected cycle paths. Here there are opportunities to bring the whole family, as the trail network consists of different degrees of difficulty, so there is a trail for all ages available here. There is a barbecue area available, benches and several great viewpoints up in Tottelia.

The green tracks are for beginners. Here, the trails consist of paths without or with very simple technical obstacles, which are manageable for everyone, and good practice for beginners.