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One of the first tourist that were registred in Hemsedal, was polar explorer Fritjof Nansen who visitet Bjøberg Fjellstue in 1898.
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Updated 26 April 2021

Hemsedals travel development

Up to 1960, tourism was not important in Hemsedal, mosly revolved around Christmas and Easter as well as hunting, fishing and hiking. The main industry was argiculture.

In 1961 was the beginning, Hemsedal Skiheiser AS was establisshed and the first ski lift was built. Until 1980 the development was characterized by caution. From 1980 to 1985 there was a significant growth and several tourist businesses were established.

The bigget change has been from 1985 until today. Hemsedal is a popular destination where Hemsedal Skicenter is the biggest attraction.

Hemsedal has about 7 000 commercial beds and tourism is the larges industry.

Summer tourism has been a parallel development of winter. All year round tourism is very important for the economy of the industry and to maximize jobs all year round.

Hemsedal strength in the summer is beautiful mountain scenery, great variety of activites and proxmity to the Sognefjord. The golf course in Grøndalen and Granheim has given the summer a boost in Hemsedal.