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On Friday 16 December, Hemsedal was awarded the label for Sustainable Travel Destination, together with Nesbyen, Ål and Gol. This means that the entire region of Hallingdal is now certified as a sustainable destination, Flå has previously received the label together with Norefjell and Geilo has been a pilot for the label in the past.
By: Hanne
1 min
Updated 11 December 2023

- "We have worked for this certification for two years, where we have primarily looked at the status of Hemsedal - what does Hemsedal have as of today and what do we need to address next. Now the final destination Hemsedal has been approved for the sustainability requirements, and we will be awarded the Sustainable Destination label, says project manager, Anneli Rosberg Vøllo".

The indicators that we have been through deal with destination management, strategic basis, conservation of nature, culture and environment, strengthening of social values and economic viability, which we must work on in a targeted manner. This means that we must work to reduce our footprint - together with our employees, residents and guests, and deliver real nature experiences based on nature and culture, and be a good host that creates good guest safety.

The label is a tool for improving the climate and environment, but it in no way means that the destination is sustainable in all areas as of today, but that the destination must work to become more sustainable, by taking necessary and sustainable measures.

The label for sustainable destinations is awarded by Innovation Norway to destinations that work purposefully over time with sustainable development.