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There are no longer any restrictions, national or local, regarding the corona virus in Norway.
Updated 30 November 2022

What are the current rules and recommendations?

  • There are no rules in place relating to quarantine or isolation.
  • You do not need to test for COVID-19 even if you are experiencing symptoms.
  • You should stay home if you feel ill and experience respiratory symptoms.
  • You do not need to register a positive self-test.
  • You do not need to take a PCR test. If you need a test as documentation for your COVID-19 certificate, you will need to pay for the test yourself.
  • You should avoid contact with people in risk groups if you have respiratory symptoms.

Rules upon arrival in Norway

The travel-restrictions upon entry into Norway have been lifted. The same rules as prior to the corona pandemic now apply.
Prior to travelling to other countries you should familiarize yourself with the rules that applies for the country you are travelling to.


Testing is no longer required or a general recommendation, however, do you wish to selv test, tests can be bought at the pharmacy, grocery store and Tourist Office.
If you do need medical assistance, the local medical center can be reached at tel: +47 31 40 89 00. Out of hours, contact the 24-hour Norwegian medical service at +47 116 117 for guidance and assistance.

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