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Thursday 14. July

Halling evening at Snerte summer farm

Hallingkveld på snertestølen

Snertehaugen is an organically run family farm, which runs with suckler cows, summer camps and active mountain farming.

Join a local traditional event

Thursday 14 July at19.30

Song and music
Narrative and tales
Coffee and local delicaties
Dance in the shed and on the embankment

Local artist and dancers:

Arne Anderdal, Gunnlaug Lien Myhr, Halvar Hjelmen, Sissel Rudningen, Gunnar Haugo, Thorleif Hornet and Tori Snerte *

Entrance: 100 incl. Serving / 50 u. 18 years

* Dress for the weather and feel free to bring something to sit on

* Snertestølen is located on Krosstølane. Take Rv52 v / Langeset, follow signs.

* Feel free to drive together from the barrier due to small parking space


Scar: Snertehaugen Milk & Music / Gol Mållag / Hemsedal Mållag