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Daily week 40

Summer lift

BQ5 Q1807

Summer open chairlift in Hemsedal ski center. Here you can take the lift up and go for a walk or maybe try to take the Mountain cart down the ski slopes again. At the top of the lift starts and the new flow path that takes you down to the bottom again. It is not clear when the new bike paths will start yet.

Hollvin Express (chairlift):

Aug 21 - Oct 3 Sat-Sun 10-16
4 - 10 Oct Mon-Sun 10-16

In addition, we are open:

Concept Store + Skigaarden with bike rental at 9-17 (every day that Hollvin Express is run).


Opening hours

Seasonstart til May

Every day: 9am-3.30pm/4.30pm*
Morning skiing Saturdays:

Dec 25th-March 26th - 7.30am-9am
Night skiing Fridays:

Jan. 7th-March 25th - 6pm-8.30pm
Non-stop-skiing Tue-Wed:

Extended opening in Christmas / New Year (week 51 + 52):

Non-stop skiing Monday - Thursday 20-23.12 at 0900-1900
Non-stop skiing Monday - Thursday 27-30.12 at 0900-1900
Skilifts that run from 1530-1900 are Hollvin Express, Ulven and Valle1.

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Mountain biking
In Hemsedal