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Skogstad Hotel has become a proper house of food in Hemsedal
By; Skogstad Hotell
5 min
Updated 02 January 2023

Tapas Club offers delicious tapas, at Elgen (anno 1991, an old local favorite) you can find one of Hemsedals best pizzas, and in the neighbouring room the new Lobby lies, where we serve traditional dishes of Hemsedal like småmat made accoring to grandmas recipe; which is a soup traditonally served during celebrations, sour cream porridge; also known as harvest porridge as it is traditionally eaten during the harvest, cured meats, lapper; norwegian pastry similar to pancakes, and lots of treats on the drinks menu.

The lobby is a meeting point in Hemsedal centre with a good atmosphere for both locals and guests. It is a place to meet for a pleasant afterski, a predrink before dinner, or maybe both.

It is a gathering point where you can have something to eat throughout the day, bring your family for a game of chess and a place to just stay and relax.

In the Lobby you will also find an abounding Deli of foods from near and far, so come by when you want that extra special something for the weekend or as an everday treat.

We hope to see you at Skogstad this winter!

Marte Torset,
5. Generation
Skogstad Hotel

Skogstad hotell