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5 min
Updated 04 August 2021

The Top20 competition starts on Friday 25th of June and it is possible to get the Top20-card at the tourist office. You choose whether you want a card for yourself or the whole family on one card (10 tops). This year, as last year, you check in digitally on We recommend downloading the app before the trip. On the app you will find the top you are on 2 times, here you select the one that is marked with Top20 and is marked with "sjekkUT". See photo further down.

Also remember to stamp your Top20 card.

The competition lasts until October 9th, and we draw randomly the lucky winners after this.

Do not hesitate to give feedback on our hikes if you have any suggestions to improve the hike, it helps us to get better and that everyone gets a good experience.

Lots of luck ;)

In the you have to choose the one alternative with SjekkUT-button.