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Mountain Challenge

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Mountain Challenge Hemsedal is a top hiking race aimed at trail runners and exercisers of all ages over 16. There are individual age-divided classes for men/women, mix class and tour class with drivers.

Mountain Challenge Hemsedal is a top ski race for everyone, which goes over two mountain peaks in Hemsedal, with an exciting and challenging descent to the center of Hemsedal. Here there will be après-ski and prize giving.

The race has a joint start at Løkjestølane and the route first goes up to Nibbi (1741 m above sea level), from there on to Skurvefjell (also 1741 m above sea level). From Skurvefjell, there is a varied and spectacular descent (1,110 metres) to Trøim and the runners finish at the Tourist Office.

Mountain Challenge Hemsedal was organized for the first time in 2005, and the race confirms Hemsedal as one of the leading top hiking destinations in the country.

The tour class starts at 11. The competition classes start at 12:00.