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Saturday Sept. 10th

Bike bus to Vaset

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Bicycle bus from Trøim-Vaset (registration deadline Sept. 8)

On Saturday 10 September you can take the cycle bus from Trøim to Vaset at 10:00

From Vaset you can choose between many tour options (see below). For those who want a slightly shorter trip on flat terrain, trip option 1b is an option.

Vaset is at 775 meters above sea level - the highest point on the routes is approx. 1,000 meters above sea level - Trøim is at 650 meters above sea level. All the tours are on nice gravel roads in partly flat, partly slightly hilly terrain. From Lykkja to Trøim there is asphalt.

From Ulsåk to Trøim you follow the foot and cycle path. On tour option 4, you cycle 2.2 km on a good path in the ski slope from Heggerusti to Pålvollen.

Tour option

1a Panoramavegen (41 km) – marked with green arrows on the map. From Vaset via Nøsen, Lykkja and Ulsåk to Trøim, it is about 41 km in easy terrain - sloping upwards for about 5 km at the start - then flat and slightly hilly - from Lykkja to Trøim it is mostly flat or downhill.

Tour option 1b Panoramavegen short track (32 km) - the bus stops at Nøsen. From there it is about 32 km to Trøim

Tour option 2 Jaslangen (50 km) - marked with red arrows on the map. From Vaset via Grønsennstølane, Jaslangen, Nøsen, Lykkja and Ulsåk to Trøim, it is about 50 km - initially uphill - then flat and slightly hilly. From Nøsen, follow the same route as tour alternative 1 back to Trøim.

Tour option 3 Brattåsen (54 km) - marked with purple arrows on the map. From Vaset via Gomobu, Brattåsen, Langestølen, the dam at the southern end of Storfjorden, Lykkja and Ulsåk to Trøim is about 54 km

Tour option 4 Oset - Golsfjellet (65 km) - marked with blue arrows on the map. From Vaset via Gomobu, Brattåsen, Oset, Kamben, Golsfjellet, Grytetjern and Ulsåk to Trøim is about 65 km. Steady uphill for the first 10 km from Vaset 775 m above sea level to Brattåsen 1050 m above sea level - then slightly hilly and down to Oset - then up a bit for a couple of km before it flattens out and becomes slightly hilly over Golsfjellet to Grytetjern - from there it is flat and down to Ulsåk and Trøim.

We recommend everyone to bring their own map. Cycling and hiking map Hemsedal, Gol and Ål. The map can be bought at the Tourist Office - it is also sold on the bus.

When you sign up, remember to state how many of you will be there.

The bus has its own bicycle trailer - maximum 30 participants.

The registration deadline is by Thursday 8 September at 23:59 - we need to know how many people will join.

Payment is made with Vipps to the driver

The prices are:

Member of Hemsedal Ski Association: Children 100/Adults 150

Non-members: Children 150/Adults 250

We take a slight weather precaution in case a lot of wind and/or torrential rain is reported. In that case, we will post information on FB the day before. We hope many people will take advantage of this great opportunity to have a great nature experience by bike.

If you have any questions, please contact Espen Grepperud on 994 01 076