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July 18th

Junior golf competition


It is so pleasing to see that so many young people have started playing golf. We are therefore setting up a separate tournament for everyone up to the age of 26.

Junior Golf Competition

Thursday, July 18th, at the Golf Alpin Golf Course

  • Start time: 11:00 AM.
  • Tournament fee: 100 NOK (A green fee of 300 NOK applies for those without playing rights. Those who have completed VTG this summer can pick up their playing rights in the Proshop.)
  • Prize distribution: After the tournament.

The format is a Scramble Pair. If you don't have a partner, the tournament director Lillian will help you find one. The tournament aims to be social and fun, and you might end up making some new golf friends :)

Scramble Tournament Format: Each team consists of two players. Both players hit their ball from the tee. The team then selects the best-placed ball, and the other balls are picked up. Players then drop their balls within one club length of the chosen ball's position (never closer to the hole) and hit their next shots. On the green, balls are placed on the same spot as the chosen ball, and in a bunker, the lie of the ball is recreated. Once a player in the team holes out, the score is recorded, and the team moves on to the next hole.

Handicap for a 2-person team is 25 percent of the combined playing handicap.

Example: Player 1: 4 assigned strokes Player 2: 10 assigned strokes Total: 14 * 25% = 3.5 -> gives 4 assigned strokes for the team after rounding

If you have any questions, speak with Lillian in the Proshop or email her at